These are five tips to get more out of your Stinngo Calendar (previously known as Avvie Calendar). The Calendar lets you do more than just manage the availability and publish it to your website.

1. Manage your reservations from your iPhone
With the special iPhone app you can manage your reservations with an iPod touch, an iPad or an iPhone. That mean you don't depend on a computer to be updating and managing your reservations. You can download the iPhone app for free in the App Store:

2. Have your calendar updated automatically on other sites.
With the so called iCal link you can have the calendars on many sites updated automatically. That can save you the hassle of having to update multiple calendars every time you receive a reservation. 

3. Create you own template emails
You can edit/create multiple email templates to send replies to your guest in just clicks. To do so, go to Settings -> Bookings -> Message templates and select 'Message Templates.' You can use these templates from the calendar in your browser, or in the iPhone app.

4. Publish your calendar in multiple languages.
If you have a website in multiple languages, then publish your calendar in those languages, too. Currently available: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Croatian, German and Dutch. 

5. Publish your overall calendar, or calendars for individual room
Once it has been set up, you can choose to publish the calendar either for an individual room, or the overall availability, depending on your preferences.