Optimize your homepage (and other pages) for your website visitor and for Google

On your homepage you want to convey three things to the website visitor:
  • this B&B offers the service level they are looking for (could be basic budget or luxury)
  • the location is right for them
  • the price is right in relation to what they are looking for
If you use these three things to structure you texts, your chances of the visitor sticking on your site are best. And Google will like it to if you do this right.

The title field on top is there for the name of you B&B and the most essential characteristics.
"Mountain Top B&B Yosemite"
"Korenbloemen Apartment Amsterdam"
"Bellevue Guesthouse Kathmandu"

Then choose a compelling subtitle, for which you have more space:
"Beachfront B&B in Santa Monica"
"Boutique bed and breakfast in historic Ghent"
You get the idea.....

This title will also appear in Google as the Title for your search result! So it's best to include the things your guest are looking for like your location and the type of accommodation (B&B, guesthouse, apartment).

For the first paragraph header use at least your accommodation type (B&B, apartment) and your location. This is not so much for Google but for your potential guests: you have to make sure that they quickly understand that they have ended up on a site where they may wish to make a booking for accommodation. You repeat some of the information from the Title and the Subtitle of your page.

In the first paragraph summarize what you offer to your guests in 150 characters (incl. spaces): location, service. What makes your B&B unique? This is important for Google, too: these first 150 characters are most likely to end up in the description of your site in the Google search results:

Korenbloemen Apartment Amsterdam
Structure your page so that website visitors understand the three things mentioned above.
- as mentioned about you start your page with the summary of 150 characters (including spaces) of the entire homepage 
- then your create separate paragraphs for the three things you want to convey: (1) your services/accommodation (2) the location (3) the price level
- for each of the paragraphs your write an inviting text; ideally the paragraph headers of a page together read 'as one'

And all of this in 250-400 words for the entire page.