You can create your own email templates to respond to your guests in just clicks.

To create or manage your templates, go to Settings -> Reservation Manager -> Message templates. Add as many templates as you like, in multiple languages.

You can use information from the booking in the text that you write with 'tags'. E.g. if you use Dear {{first_name}}, then in the mail to your guest Eric it will appear as Dear Eric,

This is how a paragraph of your email could look like:
Dear {{first_name}},
Thank you for your request. We are happy to inform you that {{accommodation}} is available for arrival on {{check_in_date}} and departure on {{check_out_date}}, a total of {{nights}}.

When sending the mail to your guest, you see the content of the tags in the message.

Creating email templates

You can use the following tags


full_name = first name and last name
first_name = first name only
last_name = last name only
check_in_date = check in date
check_out_date = check out date
accommodation = the name of your accommodation
unit = the name of the room or unit
nights = the number of nights, e.g. 1 night or 3 nights
guests = the number of guests
total_amount = the total amount
deposited_amount = the deposit
balance = the balance (total amount minus deposit)