We can tell you: photos matter to guests in choosing a B&B. So you may even consider hiring a professional photographer. If you are going to do it yourself, here are a few tips to help make better pictures. We have not gone through any length making these pictures. These are just snapshots of studio apartment De Korenbloemen in Amsterdam, made in less than 15 minutes. No fancy Photoshop or anything. Plain photos. Photos you can take, too.

TIP 1: don't use flash
You will get a much nicer, natural feel if you use existing lighting. So turn on all of the lights in the room. If you have a tripod, that's cool. If you don't, use a door post or a something else to stabilize your camera. Don't photograph on a very sunny day with direct sunlight coming into the room. That will create big contrasts in light, and make it hard to get it to look really good.

Take great photos

TIP 2: not everything needs to be in the picture.
Move around some of the furniture if it is distracting in the picture you are taking.

TIP 3: use a different angle
Look at what's in the picture. I don't make the picture to show the excellent work by the plumber. It's for the guests to see where they can freshen up after a day in town.

TIP 4: make sure vertical lines in the middle of your photos are indeed vertical
With a wide angle lens your verticals on either side of the photo can look 'tilted.' If you ensure that the middle verticals are indeed vertical, photos will look fine. If you take a lower perspective, you will have less distortion.

The photo below was taken with quite some preparation: waiting for a crispy clear day, feeding the swans to get in front of the house, climbing a ladder for a higher perspective. And then some photo-shopping to straighten it up (taking away the wide angle look). But then: it is worthwhile as it is the main photo for promoting this studio.

If you are looking for great photos to add to your site, you can purchase photos on a site like www.istockphoto.com.
For Amsterdam location photos you may wish to check out www.stockphotosamsterdam.com.

De Korenbloemen Studio Apartment Amsterdam

And since not everyone is coming in summer, consider adding pictures from the different seasons. Amsterdam is very 'cool' in winter! Even on a foggy night.