To log in into your Stinngo account, please visit

We regret to inform you that all Stinngo services will be terminated. Below you can read what you need to do before we stop on October 31, 2021. 

We realized that in the long run it would be very difficult for us as a small company to hold a position between large parties such as and airbnb. The current crisis forced us to stop earlier than expected as we lost a substantial part of our turnover.

We have chosen to make the decision now since we are still in a position in which we can serve out current subscriptions and also give you plenty of time to switch to alternative services.

We realize that this is an unwelcome message, but we see no alternatives. Where possible, we will assist you to make the transition as smooth as possible.


All subscriptions taken out before November 1, 2020 will remain valid for the year. If you extend your subscription after November 1, you can do so for periods of three months until October 31, 2021 at the latest.

Stinngo website, domain names and email

This includes:

  • texts and photos that are on our server
  • your mailbox via Rackspace
  • the domain name that refers (as a kind of telephone book) to your website and email box respectively

If you transfer your website and email to a new provider, you will need a so-called EPP or authorization code from us to transfer the domain name to that new provider. Send an email to to request a code.

The Reservation Manager

You can download the reservation history from the Reservation Manager to an XLS file.,,

These sites will also go offline on October 31, 2021. Since the outbreak of the crisis, we have not sent any invoices for them. Listings on that site will remain active, unless you indicate that you wish to remove them before November next year.

The crisis has undoubtedly hit you hard. And then this announcement comes on top of it. We hope that the ample transition time and our support can ease the pain somewhat.